We are an international Engineering Office for building services – rely on our expertise as a digital partner for construction projects.


In our many years of experience in the field of engineering services and CAD design, we have focused on these services:

Planning services

Feasibility studies

Design planning

Execution planning

Assembly planning

Inventory recording

Inventory recording with laser scanning

Collision controls

Target/actual comparisons

BIM Koordination

Digitalization 2D/3D CAD design for:

Gas, water, wastewater systems

Heat supply systems

Ventilation systems

Sprinklers and extinguishing systems

Power systems

Telecommunications and information technology systems

Usage-specific and process engineering systems

Building automation and civil engineering structures automation.

We are your strategic projects partner!

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Innovative engineering services:
From software expertise to property development partner

Our expertise ranges from MicroStation to Venturis – a holistic service package for your planning projects

Anyone who has ever carried out a project knows how important it is to create it with the right tools, conversion options and connectivity. That’s why we work with these standard software tools:

Engineering and CAD/CAE services

Our CAD services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Design planning
  • Execution planning
  • Assembly planning
  • Inventory recording
  • Inventory recording with laser scanning
  • Collision controls
  • Target/actual comparisons
  • Escape and rescue route plans


  • Ventilation / air conditioning
  • Heating / cooling
  • Sprinklers
  • Sanitary
  • Stage / steel construction
  • Conveyor technology
  • Media supply
  • Electric
  • Distribution and control cabinets
  • Autodesk – AutoCAD

  • Bentley Microstation, Bentley ProjectWise

  • LuartX-CarF for building services engineering

  • Venturis – Tricad MS for building services engineering

  • Autodesk – Revit for building services engineering

3D laser scan modeling and editing

When replanning existing structures, one often encounters the problem of missing or inaccurate inventory documents. At BIMCAD we have the necessary technology, organize and carry out so-called scan-doing – a process in which we determine exactly how extensively scanning will be carried out, for what reasons and at which specific locations. This enables scanning progress control during construction, which ensures that the project data is always up to date. The scan data obtained is prepared as a point cloud, which serves as the basis for planning and enables precise visualization of the inventory.

  • Leica – Cyclone

  • Leica – Cloudworx

  • Microstation Point-Cloud

Calculation programs

Recalculate and dimension:

  • Drinking water / pipe network calculation
  • Circulation simulation
  • Wastewater/pipe network calculation
  • Heating load calculation
  • Heating/pipe network calculation
  • Gas/pipe network calculation
  • (Air) duct network calculation
  • Solar-Computer für HZG/KLT, SAN, RLT

  • mh Software für RLT (kancalc)

  • Dendrit

Visualization and collaboration platforms

We offer comprehensive CAD and BIM management as well as coordination for your projects. Our service includes the management and administration of the collaboration platform to ensure smooth collaboration between all those involved. Through regular coordination meetings, we ensure that all project members are on the same page and work together efficiently. An essential part of our offering is collision detection, which we use to identify and resolve overlaps and conflicts in the model at an early stage. All of this is done on the basis of a common database that enables consistent and error-free information transfer.

  • Autodesk – NavisWorks

  • Dalux
  • BIMcollab

BIM Issue-Management

Our BIM management and coordination include the careful management and administration of all problems, issues, clashes and comments that may arise during the design and construction process. We attach great importance to ensuring that all of these aspects are recorded, processed and resolved efficiently to ensure trouble-free progress and adherence to the project schedule.

  • Dalux

  • BIMcollab

IFC interfaces data exchange

We specialize in the platform-independent preparation of models for the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) interface format to ensure optimal compatibility and interchangeability in BIM processes. Our expertise allows us to create specific IFC files enriched with custom attributes to accurately reflect individual requirements and details. We attach great importance to structuring the data to maximize its clarity, accuracy and usability in all phases of the construction project.

  • IFC to CAD

  • CAD to IFC

  • Client-specific IFC creation